Why listening to AM radio should be a daily habit

Even before the Internet became popular and smartphones became ubiquitous, one tool has been dependable for getting information, receiving news, and being entertained.

The humble radio has been a pivotal part of mankind’s history, and even in the modern age it still remains important. Nowadays, many people can get by with listening to the radio without actually having the physical component. They can simply use their phones to tap into the AM and FM signals and get connected.

However, for many other people the radio is still quite indispensable. It can provide crucial information in times of need, such as in disasters or in extraordinary circumstances when it is not possible to receive news through the television or through the Internet. With enough batteries, a radio can be a vital lifesaving piece of equipment.

While most people would probably prefer tuning in to FM radio for their daily dose of music, do not be so quick to overlook its AM counterpart. There are many benefits of tuning into AM radio as well.

1. Wherever you are in the world — even in the remotest of places — AM radio signals are fairly easy to detect. Initially developed for telephone communication, AM radio has a narrower bandwidth than FM radio and it also has wider coverage. This means that AM radio signals can be transmitted over long distances.

Because it has a lower bandwidth, you can usually find more stations available, such as every 10 kilohertz. In general, AM radio has a range of 535 to 1705 kHZ.

The obvious downside here is that AM radio usually has poorer sound quality when compared with FM, which is why you will usually find more music stations on the FM frequency. However, the ability of AM radio to be transmitted over longer distances is a definite upside, and for radio operators, it’s cheaper too.

2. Most news programs and commentary shows can be found on AM radio. Before heading to work, make sure to check in on your local AM station for the latest news. You might find out about a traffic jam that you could easily avoid. It’s very easy and accessible to have the information you need — just turn on the car radio!

It will also even make your mornings productive, because you get to catch up with the current issues of the day while you are driving to work or on your commute.

3. In times of disaster, the AM radio is absolutely beneficial. What do you do when power’s gone out, there’s no Internet connection, and all you’ve got is a working radio? The AM radio can be a godsend — it can provide you news and information on rescue and relief efforts, and tell you all the crucial information you need to know. This is particularly useful to those living in countries where radio is still widely used to disseminate information, thanks to its wider reach that easily trumps both television and the Internet.

4. You’ll be entertained too. Who says only news shows are left on AM radio? You’ll find music here too; so the AM radio can provide you with both news and entertainment, without having to flick the switch.

5. You’ll be in a good mood. According to a Jacobs Media survey, in which 78,000 radio listeners from the United States and Canada were surveyed, 40% reported that they get into a better mood when they listen to the radio. For them, it’s the most important reason for tuning in. It helps them escape the everyday pressure of life and at the same time, provides them company.

So whenever you are feeling down, in need of some news and entertainment, or just a bit of company, turn on your AM radio, and you’ll be glad you did.